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Fukushima Travel - Official Tourist Information -

Fukushima Travel - Official Tourist Information -

This is the official tourism information website of Fukushima Prefecture. It provides comprehensive information on news, places to visit, gourmet experiences and how to get there.

SOUSOU soso, a portal site showcasing the charms of Soso district [Japanese only]

SOUSOU soso, a portal site showcasing the charms of Soso district

This website is to promote the charms of Soso district. Overcoming the tsunami disaster and nuclear accident, the Soso district is actively promoting new talents and community to rebuild and revitalize the area. (Soso district is made up of Shinchi Town, Soma City, Iitate Village, Minamisoma City, Katsurao Village, Namie Town, Futaba Town, Okuma Town, Kawauchi Village, Tomioka Town, Naraha Town and Shinchi Town.)

Hope Tourism

Hope Tourism

Hope Tourism is a unique study tour programme to Fukushima that "explores and creates a sustainable society and community" based on the lessons learned from complex disasters.

Fukushima Pride[Japanese only]

Fukushima Pride

This website showcases a variety of food products from Fukushima Prefecture, grown with great care and love, and filled with the pride of the region.

Fukushima Joban Catch NAVI [Japanese only]

Fukushima Joban Catch NAVI

This website provides information on the seasonal availability of fish and how to eat them, as well as on events in Fukushima Prefecture.

FUKUSHIMA Product Promotion Center [Japanese only]

FUKUSHIMA Product Promotion Center

A hub for providing information on tourism and local products in Fukushima Prefecture. This is a place where you can always find something to enjoy, such as the exhibition and sale of specialty products that showcase “exquisite tastes and craftsmanship” from all over the prefecture, information on local products and tourism across the prefecture, and events such as exhibitions of traditional crafts, sales demonstrations, folk art painting and more.

Nihonbashi Fukushimakan (MIDETTE)

Nihonbashi Fukushimakan (MIDETTE)

MIDETTE is an hub for local products and tourism information of Fukushima Prefecture, targeting the Tokyo metropolitan area. It also features a dining area where visitors can experience sake tasting and enjoy dishes such as Kitakata ramen.

Promotion targeting international audiences

Promotion targeting international audiences

Information on promotional activities targeting overseas markets in order to dispel harmful rumours in other countries is provided here.

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